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Students' Reviews

  • In December 2012, my search for a music teacher who do voice training, led me to the door step of Soma Sarkar.  She (I think) reluctantly accepted me as her pupil believing in adage, "you can not teach an old dog new tricks."  I was then 75 years old. When I became her pupil, I could only sing while playing the Harmonium.  Without the help of the Harmonium, I was lost in the wilderness.  Soma has taught me to sing without any musical instrument.  She is very soft spoken but can be very firm if you do not follow her instructions.  With great satisfaction I can say that Soma has done my voice training to achieve my goal.  Since December 2012 I have made tremendous progress. She has taught me to sing (using a Tanpura Only), Rag Yaman, Bhairavi, Khamaj. At the moment, I am busy learning Rag Malkons.  I have nothing but praise for Soma. Anyone looking for a top class tutor?  Go and See Soma !              - Dr. A. Tajdar Haider, FRCS  - Retired Surgeon, Aug, 2014.  

  • I have now been Soma Sarkar's "online" student for over a year, and it has been a highly rewarding and completely positive experience for me.  As a Westerner who loves Hindustani classical music, I had searched for a teacher in my geographic area for some time and could not find a suitable teacher locally.  Then I contacted Soma about her online singing lessons via Skype.  I felt a little anxious at first: about establishing a connection with Soma, about singing to my computer screen, and about the technology involved. It is now turning out to be the best possible decision I could have made.Our lessons have opened up a whole new world of singing for me and have deepened my appreciation of Hindustani classical music. 
 Donna Maurer
Soma is a very gifted and patient teacher, who answers all my questions and works with my voice and temperament to yield the best possible results.  She has been teaching me not only the different aspects of Hindustani classical music (raagas, tals, taans, etc.), but also the qualities of singing this beautiful music and how to develop my voice such that I take both a gentle and commanding approach.I find two aspects of Soma's teaching to be particularly effective.  First, she is very methodical about presenting one new set of vocal skills to master in each lesson in such a way that all of these skills build upon each other, leading the student to be able to complete an entire piece.  Second, she is extremely kind in pointing out what the student has done well, while also making very specific suggestions for improvement.   I wholeheartedly recommend Soma, as well as the online approach to singing lessons, and I plan to continue this learning process for a long time to come.
      - Donna Maurer, Ph.D.


  • Soma Sarkar is a wonderful teacher and has an absolutely beautiful voice. She is very detailed in her teachings yet very patient. She opened up a whole new world for me by introducing me to a bit of indian culture, the music and a completely different way of singing than I'm used to. We covered sargam (scales and motion of the ragas)  Rag Yaman, Bhupali, Bhairav, language pronunciation, and the rhythm Tintal which is a 16 beet cycle. There is so much to learn I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface only touched it. I feel in order to truly understand the music you must devote your life to it. I am glad She exposed me to North Indian Music as it has improved my singing in other styles as well. Thank you so much Soma Sarkar.
- Crystal Rose Sanchez


  • Soma's enthusiasm and dedication to Indian Classical singing set the standards even higher than expected.  She gives everyone individual attention and yet is sensitive and adaptable towards a range of skills.  She approaches the class with respect, seriousness and evident love for the subject.  Her easy nature and style made me feel like I was absorbing the material than "learning" it, which I enjoyed. It was a more appropriate and authentic style of teaching in this tradition.  - Aarti Prabhakar.


  • My classes with Soma has always been an excellent experience and were taught at a high level. She cares about her students and always offers extra time when needed. - Tasha S.          


  • Soma is truly a gifted vocalist.  Not only has she mastered the challenging and difficult Hindustani vocal style, but there is great emotion and energy in her voice that is evident when you hear her sing.  She has definitely got a special gift.                              
                                                                                Kelli Eagan
I have been singing since childhood and had some classical training in college, but since I have been learning Indian Classical singing from Soma, my vocal range has strengthened and expanded dramatically. 
Soma has a special sensitivity and ability to understand and assess what each student's vocal capabilities are, and from there she instructs and teaches in a way that will bring out the best in each students' voice.
I have been taking lessons from Soma for over two years and had the opportunity to perform with her at the New England Conservatory in a Classical Indian Vocal concert that was co organized by her.  It was a rewarding experience and a good learning experience as well.  I have an even greater respect and understanding now for just how challenging this style of singing is.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found Soma for a teacher. Her music and vocal training in Indian Classical music in India and her training as a music educator  at NEC is benefiting many students who bring in their diverse music and other backgrounds. 

Kelli Eagan




Parent's Review

  • Somaji taught my children for about a year. She is very good with teaching young children with a good balance of firmness and fun to keep their attention.  She has patience and true love for the art. I hope that she can offer alternatives to families who struggle with time and distance issues and make the business aspects of her classes more attractive to patrons.  My kids miss her classes but I have yet to find a solution to making the trip over to her home -- Kowdley Family

Response from Soma: "Based on requests from Kowdley Family and others, I agreed to begin teaching Online lessons via Skype.  These lessons are designed for both children and adults.  These lessons have been greatly successful now for over a year and benefiting many dedicated patrons of Hindustani Classical music. Thanks to all who encouraged me to begin this system of teaching and learning this style of music."