ARAPAN Soma Sarkar School of Hindustani Classical Music

Hindustani Classical music singing - Online and In-person Lessons

Parent's Review

  • Somaji taught my children for about a year. She is very good with teaching young children with a good balance of firmness and fun to keep their attention.  She has patience and true love for the art. I hope that she can offer alternatives to families who struggle with time and distance issues and make the business aspects of her classes more attractive to patrons.  My kids miss her classes but I have yet to find a solution to making the trip over to her home -- Kowdley Family

Response from Soma: "Based on requests from Kowdley Family and others, I agreed to begin teaching Online lessons via Skype.  These lessons are designed for both children and adults.  These lessons have been greatly successful now for over a year and benefiting many dedicated patrons of Hindustani Classical music. Thanks to all who encouraged me to begin this system of teaching and learning this style of music."