ARAPAN Soma Sarkar School of Hindustani Classical Music

Hindustani Classical music singing - Online and In-person Lessons

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** Looking to develop an appreciation for Indian Classical Music?
** Want to try and see if these lessons work for you?
** Interested in singing lessons but only have limited time in a year to dedicate?
** Not sure if Indian Classical singing is truly for you?

If you answered "Yes" to any one of these questions, then
Sign up for these short term customized sessions that are designed to address your individual needs. 

These lessons will incldue the following:
1. Specific vocal exercises.
2. Introduction to 2 Ragas.
3. Learning the basic format of singing "Khayal"
4. Learning One semi-classical song.
5. Developing an understanding of how Classical Music influences semi-classical and Bollywood music.
6. Lots of real time singing with Soma.

Length of the program:
1. There are 10 lessons.
2. The Length of each lesson are :  30mins; 40mins;  OR 1hr (you can choose).
3. Theories of the lessons will be sent via email.
4. Important parts of the singing will be emailed as a file.
5. Students are encouraged to record class sessions for their personal practice.

- For rates please Click Here
- Fee is payable at the beginning of the Session.
- For Online lessons, payment Must be made via Paypal
- For in-person lessons, Cash is preferred.

- Must be serious about learning
- This is a complex form of music and therefore, a student MUST be patient and follow instructions
- Must be willing to practice.

CALL - 617-412-8702