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Hindustani Classical music singing - Online and In-person Lessons

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Soma has students in: Boston, Rhode Island, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Connecticut, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New York, New Jersy.  Outside the U.S: Singapore, Hongkong, The Netherlands and Canada. 

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Q. What kind of curriculum is followed?
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For further details about Online lessons, please read:

.  How do the online lessons work? 
A.  Online lessons are held using Skype or Google+ hangout. Every lesson includes practicing singing with Soma in real time.

Q.  What if I need to speak with Soma while having my lessons?
A.  Online lessons are just like having lessons in person. You would be able to speak with her in real time or instantly.

Q.  How do I receive the materials for the lessons?
A. Students receive written materials and documents via email.

Q. What if I do not have Skype?
A. Skype is available online. Go to and download it for free. When you are registered, it will allow you to set up an account which will give you an ID. You will need this ID each time you have your lessons.

Q. What would I need to have in order to receive lessons?
A. 1)You will need a computer with speakers and  a microphone. It is recommended that you use an external microphone instead of the built-in one. It makes a significant difference in the quality of the sound. 2) You will need a voice recorder in order to record your lessons.  You will need them when you practice. You can download audacity or other free softwares available online. Alternative – use a regular audio recorder.

Q. What else do I need?
A. You are recommended to put all your printed materials in a binder so that you can refer back to them each time you have a lesson.

Q. How often are these lessons held?
A. For Adults: You will receive 2 lessons in a month and each lesson is 1 hour long. Exceptions are made for those who need more lessons per month. 
     For Children: Children receive 3 half hour lessons per month.
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Q. How do I make my payments?
A. You will pay by using Paypal.  

Q. What if I have more questions? Can I speak to Soma?
A. If you are serious about receiving online lessons, you can contact Soma with further questions.

Q. Can I receive these lessons even if I dont live in the MD/DC/NOVA area?
A. Yes. All national and international students are encouraged to contact Soma with genuine interest in pursuing lessons.

Online Lessons for Children:
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The online lessons for children are conducted differently than that of adults. If the student is between the ages of 5 and13, the following rules apply:

1) An adult would be required to be present with the child through the length of the lesson. This is so that the adult can help the student with understanding certain procedures that the teacher will explain.

2) Usually students will receive 3 lessons per month.  The length of each lesson is 30 mins. (However, lessons can be designed based on individual needs.)

3)  We use Paypal for the fee.

4) Documents -The adult helping the child(ren) will receive all the related documents in their email.

5) The teacher will send recorded songs and music pieces to the email address of the adult.

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