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Please Donate to Support Efforts to Promote and Sustain the Heritage of Hindustani Classical Music

Hindustani Classical Music is one of the most complex forms of music.  This music originated in the Indian subcontinent.  In an effort to maintain the purity and authenticity of traditional Hindustani Classical Music, Soma has dedicated her life to practicing this beautiful yet complex form of music.  She does this by sharing her knowledge and experience through her teachings and demonstrations nationally and internationally.

Unfortunately, lack of funding often prevents musicians like Soma to share and execute their ideas into reality.  Your donation will directly support the following:

  • Annual concert for local student artists (next concert to be held in Maryland in October 2015)
  • Efforts to provide lecture/demonstrations on Hindustani classical music to public schools, colleges, and universities
  • Creating and finding resources for those who need them but are unable to afford them.
  • Supporting rising artists from various parts of the world and bringing them to you.

If you would like to support her in her mission to spread the work of Hindustani Classical Music through her lecture/demonstrations and performances, please feel free to donate any amount that is personally meaningful to you.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Soma.

Thank you for your consideration!

Promoting Hindustani Classical Music
Started: May 31, 2013
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